Clean out the clutter to help you move on in life

"Decluttering is good for us, we are told. Too much stuff can weigh us down mentally and physically, while a good clear-out sweeps the decks clean and allows fresh energy to flow in. However, it’s hard to let go of those precious stores of memories and meaningfulness in our possessions.  

There’s no explaining why so many of us cling to things we don’t really want, or may never use, or can’t remember how they came to be there in the first place. Yet, according to organising expert Jennifer Ford Berry, author of Organise Now!, this issue is best approached with a firm hand and an iron will because, she says, tackling clutter can help one move forward with life."

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A Simple Metal Mesh Storage Solution

I some times wonder if I am the only one in Hong Kong that has fallen for the Real Estate promotional technique of showing empty apartments.  That is no furniture and no cupboards.

I remember my first viewing in Hong Kong ( a little while ago now).  Walking into a ~800 Sq ft apartment and thinking "WOW - There is a lot more room than I would have thought".

It wasn't until an associate nudged me with the wise words - "Have you noticed that there are no cupboards and no storage of any kind in this place!"

Well that made me wake up - and now every apartment viewing has me trying to visualize what storage I will need to actually make the place livable and functional.

With that we turn to one of my favorite easy, simple and cheap storage solutions.  The Metal Mesh Modular Storage unit. 

What We Love

  • Price
    The price is great.  You can get a 3 Shelve unit (small) starting at HK$159.00.  So it shouldn't break the bank for anybody.
  • Modular Design
    The flexibility to add shelves, make use of longer all shorter "legs" makes this quite a flexible solution. 
  • Size Options
    The Mesh Storage solution comes in many sizes.  You can get large and medium sized mesh solutions from Price Rate, and get micro solutions (for inside the kitchen cupboard) from IKEA.  It gives us the flexibility to fit a shelving solution almost anywhere
  • Availability
    Being sold by Price Rite, with some solutions from IKEA, these products are easily found.
  • Functionality
    How they can be used.  We have some ideas listed below, but we love the versatility and functional side of these products.

What We Hate

  • Aesthetics
    Lets face it - they are pretty ugly. 
    On the "functional" scale they score an AWESOME.  On the "I want to impress my friends" scale - its definitely a FAIL.

Some Ideas for usage

  • Laundry
    Place one of these against an empty wall in the bathroom or the kitchen, and make use of it as a Laundry Supply storage unit.
  • Kitchen Supplies
    Just like the Laundry, place an appropriate unit against a spare wall and get yourself some extra pantry space
  • Home Office
    A Cheap solution for making a functional printer stand.  Get the added benefit of being able to store additional items on the extra shelf's.
  • Extra Space In The Kitchen Cupboards
    A Personal Favourite.  Get the micro mesh shelf's from IKEA and put them inside your existing cupboards, giving you extra stacking space.  But - if still available - get the silver solution - the white just doesn't look as good.

We would love to hear your ideas or solution's for using the Mesh Storage solutions.

Vacuum Bags.....

Hopefully these terrific storage solutions don't come as surprise to anybody out there.  But just in case we thought that we would take a look at the Vacuum Storage Bag

What we love

  • Price
    We have to admit that the price point for these storage bags can be quite compelling.  Check out the Japan HOME Center for some inexpensive options.
  • Size Options
    When the Vacuum Storage bag came out over 10 years ago - size options were not available.  Now though its a different story.  You can get small, medium, large and hanging solutions.  You can even get travel solutions. (Check out our travel packing tip this month)
  • Concept
    Fantastic!  Stick stuff in a bag.  Grab a vacuum cleaner and suck all the air out.  SO simple.  You can reduce bulky blankets to 1/4 their size.

What we hate

  • Quality
    While there are some great quality products on the market (like the original Space Bag ).  There are a number of 'johnny come lately' that are cashing in on the concept with really low quality.  Our advice to you - only buy reputable brands. 
  • Hong Kong Selection
    It surprises me that there is a not a bigger selection / choice of products and bag types available to the HK consumer.  When I visit Australia, I find that there are a number of sizes, combinations and reputable brands available at Target, Big W, and smaller retailers.
  • Warnings 
    While the concept is pretty easy to understand, it still amazes me how many people overfill the bags - ending up with an exploding or ripped bag.  I would love to see a more graphic instruction set showing exploding bags - plus it would be so much more interesting for the consumer.

Final Thoughts

With the use of a few vacuum bags you can easily double the available space in your wardrobes, and find some extra space under the bed.  And the price point makes it a smart option for the average space challenged consumer.

What do your boxes look like?

We have had many queries on what our boxes look like.  Or asking what do we use for storing our customers belongings.

Well, with the help of Nathaniel, we decide that we should probably show everybody examples of the boxes that we use.

For those that are interested - Nate is 5 Years old, and he jumped at the opportunity to demonstrate (play with) our boxes.

On the Box Front - the ones pictured are our medium size boxes and their measurements are

643mm X 430mm X 325mm.


Why I need a self-storage near me

Our busy life style means we are always in need of a bit of help.  And in a Big City like Hong Kong, we can always do with a bit of help making more storage and living space.  Or at least making our existing space more usable.  With a Valet Self-Storage provider – that is self-storage that comes to me! – my apartment gets that little bit bigger and I still get convenient access to all of my stuff without ever leaving the apartment.


So why would I need a valet self-storage service?

Hong Kong is a shopping town. – We love buying new gadgets and new clothes.  And we especially love sales time.  But with new stuff comes a more crowded apartment, and eventually we are forced to sell or store our stuff.  But if we store our stuff we will probably never use it again.  With Valet Self storage – our stuff gets delivered to me whenever I want it or need it and where I want it.  So I get to still make better use of my stored stuff.

Treasuring our memories – We have kids and we have family.  We have our friends and we have our lovers.  These are all amazing memories that we should never let go off.  We have stuff that we treasure because of our memories – stuff we will never get rid of.  But this all takes up space.  With traditional storage – we will probably forget where we have stored it, or just forget about it completely.  With Valet Self-Storage – not only does our stuff get returned to us – but we get to catalog our memories and take photos and store in cloud.  When we want to find those cherished moments – we only need look at the catalog to find where they are stored and to request them returned to us.

A Messy home creates additional stress. – Lack of living space and a messy living environment can rob us of the tranquility we need to unwind from a difficult day at work.  By making use of a valet self-storage service – we can return our homes to the tranquil and comfortable environment it was meant to be – and we can still have regular, convenient and easy access to all the stuff we store without ever leaving our apartment.

GNL Valet Self-Storage, the only Hong Kong self-storage that comes to you when you want where you want at affordable prices – save time, money and effort.  Go N Live Valet self-storage – taking care of your storage needs so that you can Go And Live your life.

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