Student Storage Help At Hand

Here is a challenge for you.

Open Google and use the following search phrase

"student storage UK"

You get a lot of relevant search results.

Now try using the following search term

"student storage HK"

See any difference?  Yep - you do get a lot of storage companies popping up that are Hong Kong based.  So I guess that is relevant.  But is there anything that really addresses student storage needs?

We thought we might try and change that.  So we have introduced valet student storage packages.  They are no frills, budget conscience, short term valet student storage packages.

STUDENT STORAGE - Only for Students.

Below is a show case of the packages that we have introduced.

We would love to get feedback on what people think.  Please leave us a comment and your thoughts on what students want and need in the world of storage.

Banish Clutter and Reclaim your Space with Valet Self-Storage

If getting rid of clutter was easy – there would be no need for self-storage providers.  The truth is that deciding what we need and what we don’t need can be difficult.  We often attach emotional sentiment with many of the things that we have in our homes.  Living in Hong Kong can complicate matters as our small living environments can quickly become cluttered through sentiment.  

But when closets are crowded, drawers are jumbled, and shelves overflow, it can really slow you down.  A cluttered living and working environment can also have negative emotional impacts on us.

So how do we keep our much cherished and sentimental belongings – yet create a de-cluttered and inviting living space?  How do we reclaim our living space and reclaim our lives?

Reclaim Your Space

The Apartment UpGrade……yeah right!

Well, if we are really lucky – we can upgrade our apartments (or even our offices) to a much bigger place.  And while this is an appealing solution – it’s not realistic for most of us living in Hong Kong.


There is always traditional self-storage.  But the reality is that once we put something into Self Storage, then there is a good chance that it will remain there for some time to come.  And that maybe the items are just not that important to us after all.

If we do make use of self-storage – then there is also the inconvenience factor associated with traditional self-storage, including

 Having to get to the storage unit in the first place

  •  The time it takes to get there and back
  •  The cost associated with getting to the storage unit and back
  • The need to arrange transportation, whether that be a taxi or a van – it can be expensive and inconvenient
  • The searching for our stuff.  This can take time, and often requires the moving around of different boxes and items to find would we are looking for

Let’s face it, self-storage is not convenient and not really customer centric, and definitely not service orientated.

A Virtual Cupboard!  What’s that?

Something new! 

What if you could get extra space at a low cost that was incredibly convenient?

What if you could put your stuff into storage without leaving your apartment or office?

What if you could then get your stuff back the same day, or at least within 24 hours of your request AND that your stuff was delivered to you where you wanted them?

What if you could have an online searchable inventory of all your stored items, allowing you to find what you are looking for on your PC or phone – and then get the item sent to you directly?

There was a lot of “What If…” above – so does it Sound too good to be true?  Not long ago the answer would have been yes.  But now with Valet Self Storage – all of this is available to Hong Kong.

Valet self-storage allows you to get the advantage of extra space at a low cost, with the convenience of having more cupboard area in your existing apartment or office. With valet self-storage, you get the ability to have access to your belongings at your convenience, allowing you to reclaim your space without relegating your belongings to forgotten storage bins.

About Go N Live

GNL Self-Storage in Hong Kong is the only full service valet self-storage service provider in Hong Kong.  We help you reclaim your space 1 box at a time.

Book an appointment and we will bring high quality packing boxes directly to you. You can pack up your goods in the boxes and if you have over sized items, just let us know. We will come and collect your belongings and keep it safe and secure at our storage facility.  Each stored box or item is uploaded to your virtual cupboard in the cloud to allow you full access to your belongings.  You will be provided with a complete inventory of what you have stored with us. When you are ready, simply contact us and let us know when and where you want your stuff returned.

Contact GNL storage for an efficient, affordable and reliable Hong Kong self-storage that comes to you.

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A Simple Metal Mesh Storage Solution

I some times wonder if I am the only one in Hong Kong that has fallen for the Real Estate promotional technique of showing empty apartments.  That is no furniture and no cupboards.

I remember my first viewing in Hong Kong ( a little while ago now).  Walking into a ~800 Sq ft apartment and thinking "WOW - There is a lot more room than I would have thought".

It wasn't until an associate nudged me with the wise words - "Have you noticed that there are no cupboards and no storage of any kind in this place!"

Well that made me wake up - and now every apartment viewing has me trying to visualize what storage I will need to actually make the place livable and functional.

With that we turn to one of my favorite easy, simple and cheap storage solutions.  The Metal Mesh Modular Storage unit. 

What We Love

  • Price
    The price is great.  You can get a 3 Shelve unit (small) starting at HK$159.00.  So it shouldn't break the bank for anybody.
  • Modular Design
    The flexibility to add shelves, make use of longer all shorter "legs" makes this quite a flexible solution. 
  • Size Options
    The Mesh Storage solution comes in many sizes.  You can get large and medium sized mesh solutions from Price Rate, and get micro solutions (for inside the kitchen cupboard) from IKEA.  It gives us the flexibility to fit a shelving solution almost anywhere
  • Availability
    Being sold by Price Rite, with some solutions from IKEA, these products are easily found.
  • Functionality
    How they can be used.  We have some ideas listed below, but we love the versatility and functional side of these products.

What We Hate

  • Aesthetics
    Lets face it - they are pretty ugly. 
    On the "functional" scale they score an AWESOME.  On the "I want to impress my friends" scale - its definitely a FAIL.

Some Ideas for usage

  • Laundry
    Place one of these against an empty wall in the bathroom or the kitchen, and make use of it as a Laundry Supply storage unit.
  • Kitchen Supplies
    Just like the Laundry, place an appropriate unit against a spare wall and get yourself some extra pantry space
  • Home Office
    A Cheap solution for making a functional printer stand.  Get the added benefit of being able to store additional items on the extra shelf's.
  • Extra Space In The Kitchen Cupboards
    A Personal Favourite.  Get the micro mesh shelf's from IKEA and put them inside your existing cupboards, giving you extra stacking space.  But - if still available - get the silver solution - the white just doesn't look as good.

We would love to hear your ideas or solution's for using the Mesh Storage solutions.

Why I need a self-storage near me

Our busy life style means we are always in need of a bit of help.  And in a Big City like Hong Kong, we can always do with a bit of help making more storage and living space.  Or at least making our existing space more usable.  With a Valet Self-Storage provider – that is self-storage that comes to me! – my apartment gets that little bit bigger and I still get convenient access to all of my stuff without ever leaving the apartment.


So why would I need a valet self-storage service?

Hong Kong is a shopping town. – We love buying new gadgets and new clothes.  And we especially love sales time.  But with new stuff comes a more crowded apartment, and eventually we are forced to sell or store our stuff.  But if we store our stuff we will probably never use it again.  With Valet Self storage – our stuff gets delivered to me whenever I want it or need it and where I want it.  So I get to still make better use of my stored stuff.

Treasuring our memories – We have kids and we have family.  We have our friends and we have our lovers.  These are all amazing memories that we should never let go off.  We have stuff that we treasure because of our memories – stuff we will never get rid of.  But this all takes up space.  With traditional storage – we will probably forget where we have stored it, or just forget about it completely.  With Valet Self-Storage – not only does our stuff get returned to us – but we get to catalog our memories and take photos and store in cloud.  When we want to find those cherished moments – we only need look at the catalog to find where they are stored and to request them returned to us.

A Messy home creates additional stress. – Lack of living space and a messy living environment can rob us of the tranquility we need to unwind from a difficult day at work.  By making use of a valet self-storage service – we can return our homes to the tranquil and comfortable environment it was meant to be – and we can still have regular, convenient and easy access to all the stuff we store without ever leaving our apartment.

GNL Valet Self-Storage, the only Hong Kong self-storage that comes to you when you want where you want at affordable prices – save time, money and effort.  Go N Live Valet self-storage – taking care of your storage needs so that you can Go And Live your life.

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Let Valet Self Storage help you to organize and de-clutter your home this holiday period

We all love the holiday season. A chance to spend more time with the family.  To go on a trip abroad.  To reconnect with friends.  To have lots of play dates with the little ones throughout Hong Kong.  What’s not to love!

With the holiday period comes the need to entertain the little ones, keep them occupied and keep them burning off all that energy.  With summer comes the heat and the wet.  And with the heat and the rain outside – we quickly look for inside solutions – but space will always be an issue.

How do we make the best use of our limited space so that the kids and the family can have fun and for filled lives?  How do we make our living space bigger without spending a fortune on a larger apartment?


Traditional Self-Storage can help you store all your non-essential items and create space for visiting guests and visiting playdate.  However, there is the unintended consequence of inconvenience.  Let’s face it.  Nobody wants to go to a self-storage or mini storage unit in the rain or in the sweltering heat – it’s just not fun – and certainly not convenient.

So why not use Valet Self Storage.  With Valet Self Storage you get as much virtual cupboard space as you want or need.  Valet Self Storage eradicates the inconvenience factor of Self Storage.  Your stored items are returned to you where you want them and when you want.  Hot or Raining outside?  SO!  With Valet Self Storage – your items are returned to you at your convenience.

How can Valet Self Storage help you over summer?

Clean up the spare bedroom and use it as a playroom. Store your non-essential items in your virtual cupboard.

Store the family bikes in your virtual cupboard and have them delivered when the weather is good, and you are going to actually use them.

Too hot for golf over summer?  Store your golf clubs in your very own virtual cupboard have them returned to you when the weather is better.

Pack up the family’s winter clothing and store them in your virtual cupboard space, giving you more space in your apartment for the stuff that you will use over summer.  Have your winter clothing returned to you when the weather is much more appropriate.

GNL Self-Storage in Hong Kong brings you the most convenient, reliable and affordable way to de-clutter your home. Our services are simple, time-saving, safe and secure – and most importantly we always comes to you. We provide you sturdy boxes according to your requirements so that you can safely and confidently pack your stuff. When you are ready, just give us a call, and we will come and collected your packed boxes, and you only pay for the space you use.

GNL Storehouse in Hong Kong provide valet pick-up and delivery storage services. You don’t have to worry about searching for a storage unit to store your items. We offer full valet storage services for your convenience. Store your items in your very own virtual cupboard and enjoy your holidays with additional living space and peace of mind.