Hurry! September Special 20% Discount!



Autumn Special

Go N Live – Urban Storage by the box offers an additional 20% discount when storing 5 or more boxes.  Self Storage that comes to you – not only convenient but now even more affordable!

We provide you high quality, durable industrial plastic boxes for you to store your belongings in directly to you. When using our boxes your belongings stored with us are not only safe and secure – but insured*. 

Our pricing starts from $68 a month per box (before discount)

  • We deliver high quality industrial plastic packing boxes directly to you for free.
  • We collect your boxes for free
  • You can store larger items too.

When you need your boxes back

· Simply book and appointment

· Return Deliveries are $100 + $25 per box.

We reward loyalty – the longer you commit to using our services, the bigger the discount reward you receive;

  • 5% for 3 months storage commitment
  • 15% for 6 Months Storage commitment
  • 25% for 12 Months Storage commitment

And this is on top of our September offer.  So the more you store and the longer you store – the more affordable storage with Go N Live is.

GNL Storage provides full service valet self-storage services to Hong Kong. Convienient, reliable Urban Storage by the box that comes to you. You will never have to visit a storage unit again. You can easily organize and reclaim your space in your home and offices with our full valet self-storage services.

Save yourself money, time and effort with GNL Hong Kong Self-Storage.

Move to a new home with Self Storage

Moving to a new home should be a joyous occasion as we open a new chapter in our lives.  However, more often than not – the act of moving can be a very stressful experience.  As part of the moving process we must bundle up everything in our lives and shift it to our new destination.  The mere thought of which can weigh heavily on us.

BUT this is the perfect opportunity to reorganize our lives and our living environments and make smart decisions about how we make use of our limited access to storage. We can take this moment to not only assess what we no longer want or need in our lives, and therefore reduce the clutter by discarding these items.  We can also take this moment to make use of valet self storage to extend our living space in an organized way.  Self storage allows us to ensure that our new home starts with tidiness and organization, by removing the bulky and infrequently used – but still important or cherished – belongings from our living areas.

With the use of valet self-storage all of your belongings are stored in a virtual cupboard space and cataloged on-line.  Through a simple phone call, email or online message – you select the items or boxes that you want returned to you and when you want them returned.  When you need to put your items back into storage – you simple request a pick-up – and your goods will be returned to your virtual cupboard space.  You can retrieve 1 item at a time, or many items.  You control what you need and when you need to have your belongings.  

When you have a lot of clutter in your apartment, you can start feeling claustrophobic and even your movement can become restricted. Some items, like a bicycle or snowboard, that aren't used on a daily basis, still occupy a lot of valuable space in your home. Moving home is the perfect time to look at permanently regaining this precious space for living in.  By utilizing valet self-storage you get the advantage of regaining your space and having convenient and readily available access to your stored belongings without ever leaving your apartment.

Go N Live, the best and only valet self-storage service and storehouse in Hong Kong provides you with easy and convenient services that assist you in clearing up the clutter in your place in your living environment.

To take advantage of our Valet Self-Storage, simply book an appointment online or on the phone. Let us know how many boxes you need, and we will drop them off for you to fill.  You only pay for the boxes you actually use.  Once you have finished packing, our service team will pick-up and seal all of your boxes and return them to our secure and environmentally controlled storehouse in Hong Kong.