Valet Self-Storage that comes to you provides a virtual cupboard space that is both convenient and commercially sensible for organizations that are looking to maximise their investment in office space.  With the off-site storage of items that do not contribute directly to revenue on a daily basis and are infrequently utilised, organisations can reduce their rental spend and improve the working environment for employees without sacrificing control over, or convenient access to, their items.


Hong Kong office space is some of the most expensive in the world.  For most Hong Kong organisations, it is the single biggest fixed monthly outgoing.  So it is to be expected that we want the office space we do rent to be productive.


BUT in Hong Kong it is not uncommon to find Grade A Office space filled with

o   Old office files that are seldom accessed

o   Marketing Materials, that are needed on mass occasionally – but purchased and stored in bulk

o   Marketing Merchandise, that are needed on mass occasionally – but purchased and stored in bulk

o   Stock Samples that are used at trade shows and seldom used between shows.

o   Trade show banners and stands that are used only at trade shows

When you look at how we make use of our office space, our rental costs are much higher than they need to be.  We should not have to pay premium office rental prices for office storage.  However for convenient and reliable access to our stuff – this is what we have indeed had to do.


With a professional Valet Storage Service provider that provides their service by the box or the item, the inconvenience traditionally associated with off-site storage is eradicated.  Businesses can use this to regain precious and expensive office space for their employees and other direct income earning resources and effectively reduce the cost to store their business items, while simultaneously improving the efficiency of their office space.


Trade Show Exhibit Accessories

The banners and signs used at the trade show are absolutely necessary in order to get your message across effectively.  However, between shows – these items take up valuable space and can be cumbersome to move from the office to the next trade show.

With valet storage, your trade show accessories are stored off site and bought to you where and when you need them, and collected again.

Marketing Merchandise

We all have it.  The customer gifts with our brands clearly and prominently displayed.  These are great publicity, and most customers appreciate them.

However our suppliers usually require us to buy these items in bulk.  Meaning we need to purchase multiple boxes, and then find somewhere to store them.

With a Valet Storage partner, businesses have their Marketing Merchandise stored off-site - then have the quantity of marketing materials you require for you next event delivered directly to you WHEN and WHERE you want them – even internationally.

Once the inconvenience of off-site self-storage is taken out of the equation – then it starts to make perfect commercial sense for all types of organisations.  Big or small.

About Go N Live Limited

GNL Storage is the only professional Valet Self Storage provider in Hong Kong.  We work with our partners to expand their space – both personal and commercial – at affordable prices.  We focus on our customers need for security, reliability and convenience.

Our storehouse in Hong Kong provides our customer with a virtual cupboard space of their own.  Our customer never have to leave their office to get their stored items back.

For more information please do get in contact with us at +852 5970 4316 or at


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Seasonal Self-Storage tips that will de-stress you

Every season brings with it its own unique characteristics and dictates what we wear and what we need in our homes.  Whether it be decorations, clothing, heating or cooling appliances, or home maintenance needs – our seasons have a big impact on our lives. Yet the small environments that we are required to live-in in Hong Kong can have a limiting impact on how we embrace each season, and we can easily be left with a cluttered living environment.

Let’s face it – our apartments will never be big enough to store all the items – both essential and non-essential – that we want. 

With every new season we keep adding new items or clothes to our collection and increase the pressure on our already limited storage facilities.  We get faced with the dilemma of having to discard the stuff that we categorize as non-essential – even though we may still have a need or desire for the items that we are about to discard.  There is clearly a desire for additional storage space in Hong Kong – and this is where valet self-storage can be of great assistance to our lives in Hong Kong.  By following some simple storage ideas – combined with the adoption of valet self-storage services – we can greatly improve our living conditions and our lives.

Summer Self-Storage – With the end of summer season, we need to store all the items that can take a lot of space in our homes. Popular summer items like water toys, pool inflatables, life vests and other water sport related items can be stored with a valet self-storage service. Other summer products like outdoor tents, bbq grills, bicycles, the market umbrella, cushions and patio furniture can be stored away until next year. Clearing these items for the duration of the winter period will help to de-clutter your home and your life.  And help to encourage a more relaxing home environment leading to less stress.

Winter Self-Storage –winters in Hong Kong can be very cold.  The clothing we wear becomes bulky.  We need to make use of heaters to keep the apartment warm.  Thick heavy duvets get laid on the bed.  All of this takes up space.  With the end of winter these items get put to the back of the cupboard until next year – but they take up much needed space.  Why not clear this seasonal stuff out of the home and allow for more space throughout the summer period.  It is important to store all of your items in a storehouse that provides climate control and maintain stable humidity to keep your belongings in great condition.

Seasonal Holiday Storage – Hong Kong people love their holidays.  And why not!  We live in such a small geographical area that is severely limited in providing seasonal outdoor sporting type activities such as skiing and mountain bike riding.  As our winter sets in, many families flock to other countries in search of snow fields and a snow adventure.  We pack up all our bulky clothing and equipment and setup to the snow fields of Japan, Europe or Canada.  We have a wonderful time, and upon returning to Hong Kong we put our holiday equipment away for an entire year.  And for the rest of the year that snow equipment takes up space that we could use for something else – so why not make use of valet self-storage and store the holiday equipment (including bulky suitcases) in a virtual cupboard and have it returned to you only when you need it.

GNL storage in Hong Kong is a valet self-storage service that comes to you. It makes storage solutions easy and convenient for you with delivery and pick-up services. You never have to go to a storehouse in Hong Kong again. The GNL Storage service picks up and delivers by the box or by the item.  You get a virtual cupboard space, where when you need an individual item or box – you simply request it and it will be delivered.  Once you have finished with it – the item or box will be returned to your virtual cupboard space.

Valet self-storage will de-stress you and give you peace of mind without having to worry about your belongings. We are the best and the most economical self-storage services that makes storage easy and simple for you.


Let Valet Self Storage help you to organize and de-clutter your home this holiday period

We all love the holiday season. A chance to spend more time with the family.  To go on a trip abroad.  To reconnect with friends.  To have lots of play dates with the little ones throughout Hong Kong.  What’s not to love!

With the holiday period comes the need to entertain the little ones, keep them occupied and keep them burning off all that energy.  With summer comes the heat and the wet.  And with the heat and the rain outside – we quickly look for inside solutions – but space will always be an issue.

How do we make the best use of our limited space so that the kids and the family can have fun and for filled lives?  How do we make our living space bigger without spending a fortune on a larger apartment?


Traditional Self-Storage can help you store all your non-essential items and create space for visiting guests and visiting playdate.  However, there is the unintended consequence of inconvenience.  Let’s face it.  Nobody wants to go to a self-storage or mini storage unit in the rain or in the sweltering heat – it’s just not fun – and certainly not convenient.

So why not use Valet Self Storage.  With Valet Self Storage you get as much virtual cupboard space as you want or need.  Valet Self Storage eradicates the inconvenience factor of Self Storage.  Your stored items are returned to you where you want them and when you want.  Hot or Raining outside?  SO!  With Valet Self Storage – your items are returned to you at your convenience.

How can Valet Self Storage help you over summer?

Clean up the spare bedroom and use it as a playroom. Store your non-essential items in your virtual cupboard.

Store the family bikes in your virtual cupboard and have them delivered when the weather is good, and you are going to actually use them.

Too hot for golf over summer?  Store your golf clubs in your very own virtual cupboard have them returned to you when the weather is better.

Pack up the family’s winter clothing and store them in your virtual cupboard space, giving you more space in your apartment for the stuff that you will use over summer.  Have your winter clothing returned to you when the weather is much more appropriate.

GNL Self-Storage in Hong Kong brings you the most convenient, reliable and affordable way to de-clutter your home. Our services are simple, time-saving, safe and secure – and most importantly we always comes to you. We provide you sturdy boxes according to your requirements so that you can safely and confidently pack your stuff. When you are ready, just give us a call, and we will come and collected your packed boxes, and you only pay for the space you use.

GNL Storehouse in Hong Kong provide valet pick-up and delivery storage services. You don’t have to worry about searching for a storage unit to store your items. We offer full valet storage services for your convenience. Store your items in your very own virtual cupboard and enjoy your holidays with additional living space and peace of mind.


Make space for your growing family with Valet Self-Storage

With a growing family, our homes can quickly accumulate a great deal of stuff. When it comes to planning for the arrival of a new born baby – space can quickly become a pressing issue for expectant parents.  New born babies require their own bedding, change tables, toys and accessories – all of which can be not only very expensive – but also demanding of our limited space.

As new born’s become infants – the equipment, toys and accessories required by parents also change. The cost associated with raising a child increase and parents find ourselves with increased space pressures as the items we accumulate just keep mounting up.  We parents are faced with difficult choices in order to gain a bit more living space. Do we sell those expensive new-born items now that our child is no longer an infant?  But what if we are planning to have another child?  Do we look for larger accommodation at inflated prices?

As an infant becomes a toddler, we parents are again confronted with the need for new equipment, toys and accessories.  Faced with the same dilemmas as before – parents must make difficult decisions and compromises relating to what we keep and what must be disposed of.

This cycle continues throughout the duration of our children’s lives and the expansion of our families, and will constantly generate space constraint issues.

With GNL Self-Storage as your valet self storage partner – parents finally have a convenient solution to pressing space needs of an expanding family.

With valet self-storage that comes to you, parents and their families get access to a virtual cupboard for the extra stuff that has been accumulated.  All of your stuff is securely stored at the Go N Live storehouse in Hong Kong. With a simple phone call or email – the stuff that you have stored in your virtual cupboard will be returned to you without you ever leaving the comforts of your apartment.

Store the kids bicycles, and have them returned to you on the weekend for the family ride.

Keep that new-born stuff until you know that you need it.

With storage by the item or box – we make self-storage convenient for the active parent and the expanding family.  Let us help you make better use of your limited living space.

 Save time, effort and money with Go N Live Storage in Hong Kong.