Hurry! September Special 20% Discount!



Autumn Special

Go N Live – Urban Storage by the box offers an additional 20% discount when storing 5 or more boxes.  Self Storage that comes to you – not only convenient but now even more affordable!

We provide you high quality, durable industrial plastic boxes for you to store your belongings in directly to you. When using our boxes your belongings stored with us are not only safe and secure – but insured*. 

Our pricing starts from $68 a month per box (before discount)

  • We deliver high quality industrial plastic packing boxes directly to you for free.
  • We collect your boxes for free
  • You can store larger items too.

When you need your boxes back

· Simply book and appointment

· Return Deliveries are $100 + $25 per box.

We reward loyalty – the longer you commit to using our services, the bigger the discount reward you receive;

  • 5% for 3 months storage commitment
  • 15% for 6 Months Storage commitment
  • 25% for 12 Months Storage commitment

And this is on top of our September offer.  So the more you store and the longer you store – the more affordable storage with Go N Live is.

GNL Storage provides full service valet self-storage services to Hong Kong. Convienient, reliable Urban Storage by the box that comes to you. You will never have to visit a storage unit again. You can easily organize and reclaim your space in your home and offices with our full valet self-storage services.

Save yourself money, time and effort with GNL Hong Kong Self-Storage.

Valet Student Storage made Simple and Convenient

Students need storage services more than others. If you are moving out of the city for summer break or starting with the new academic year, you have lot of stuff and shortage of space to store all the belongings.

A New academic year means more opportunities to learn and experience new things, new books, new games and making new friends. Sounds good right?

So with the starting of a new year, why not give yourself the luxury of a little extra space in those cramped dorm rooms by taking advantage of a virtual cupboard space. With a virtual cupboard you can eliminate the clutter and still have access to all your belongings when you need them.

So why not clean up your room and organize it? With a little effort and simple planning, you can easily de-clutter your space. No need to panic! Valet Student Storage is the solution which will make your student life more comfortable.

Lack of Student Storage in Hong Kong

Storage facilities and solutions specifically designed for students is almost non-existent in Hong Kong. There are not many options for students to store their stuff while moving out for summer break or starting with the new academic year. Storage solutions that are cost-effective are usually very inconvenient.  Those storage services that are convenient are generally not very cost-effective.  In either case, these are not attractive options for your average student.



Affordable Valet Student Storage in Hong Kong

Reclaim your space with the help of valet student storage in Hong Kong. Go N Live brings you budget friendly student storage packages for your convenience. You will have to only pay what you use. We have made student self-storage convenient and easy. These are the benefits you enjoy –

  • Valet self-storage that comes to you, you don’t have to ever visit a storage unit again.
  • You save time, effort and money.
  • The first Special Student budget friendly student storage facility in Hong Kong.
  • You get free empty cardboard boxes that you can keep.
  • Packing material for the boxes.
  • Free pickup services, you don’t have to load your stuff in a truck. We will do the leg work for you.
  • A small fee for the return of your goods – when you want them and where you want them.

Simple and convenient Student Storage

You are just a phone call away. Whenever you need to store the stuff that you do not use frequently, call GNL Self-Storage in Hong Kong for an appointment. To be eligible for the student packages, you need to show us your student ID card. We will provide you boxes in which you can pack your stuff and seal them.

We have made storage services easier for you by eliminating all the leg work and taking care of your belongings for you. You get a virtual cupboard itemizing all your boxes and allowing you to catalogue what you have stored.

Get the benefits of a student storage that is reliable, affordable and convenient.  We come to you.

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Banish Clutter and Reclaim your Space with Valet Self-Storage

If getting rid of clutter was easy – there would be no need for self-storage providers.  The truth is that deciding what we need and what we don’t need can be difficult.  We often attach emotional sentiment with many of the things that we have in our homes.  Living in Hong Kong can complicate matters as our small living environments can quickly become cluttered through sentiment.  

But when closets are crowded, drawers are jumbled, and shelves overflow, it can really slow you down.  A cluttered living and working environment can also have negative emotional impacts on us.

So how do we keep our much cherished and sentimental belongings – yet create a de-cluttered and inviting living space?  How do we reclaim our living space and reclaim our lives?

Reclaim Your Space

The Apartment UpGrade……yeah right!

Well, if we are really lucky – we can upgrade our apartments (or even our offices) to a much bigger place.  And while this is an appealing solution – it’s not realistic for most of us living in Hong Kong.


There is always traditional self-storage.  But the reality is that once we put something into Self Storage, then there is a good chance that it will remain there for some time to come.  And that maybe the items are just not that important to us after all.

If we do make use of self-storage – then there is also the inconvenience factor associated with traditional self-storage, including

 Having to get to the storage unit in the first place

  •  The time it takes to get there and back
  •  The cost associated with getting to the storage unit and back
  • The need to arrange transportation, whether that be a taxi or a van – it can be expensive and inconvenient
  • The searching for our stuff.  This can take time, and often requires the moving around of different boxes and items to find would we are looking for

Let’s face it, self-storage is not convenient and not really customer centric, and definitely not service orientated.

A Virtual Cupboard!  What’s that?

Something new! 

What if you could get extra space at a low cost that was incredibly convenient?

What if you could put your stuff into storage without leaving your apartment or office?

What if you could then get your stuff back the same day, or at least within 24 hours of your request AND that your stuff was delivered to you where you wanted them?

What if you could have an online searchable inventory of all your stored items, allowing you to find what you are looking for on your PC or phone – and then get the item sent to you directly?

There was a lot of “What If…” above – so does it Sound too good to be true?  Not long ago the answer would have been yes.  But now with Valet Self Storage – all of this is available to Hong Kong.

Valet self-storage allows you to get the advantage of extra space at a low cost, with the convenience of having more cupboard area in your existing apartment or office. With valet self-storage, you get the ability to have access to your belongings at your convenience, allowing you to reclaim your space without relegating your belongings to forgotten storage bins.

About Go N Live

GNL Self-Storage in Hong Kong is the only full service valet self-storage service provider in Hong Kong.  We help you reclaim your space 1 box at a time.

Book an appointment and we will bring high quality packing boxes directly to you. You can pack up your goods in the boxes and if you have over sized items, just let us know. We will come and collect your belongings and keep it safe and secure at our storage facility.  Each stored box or item is uploaded to your virtual cupboard in the cloud to allow you full access to your belongings.  You will be provided with a complete inventory of what you have stored with us. When you are ready, simply contact us and let us know when and where you want your stuff returned.

Contact GNL storage for an efficient, affordable and reliable Hong Kong self-storage that comes to you.

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Have a well-organized home with Valet Storage, and reduce your stress

It can be very stressful living in Hong Kong at the best of times, but living in a cluttered apartment can add additional stress. The size of our apartments in Hong Kong do not offer us the luxury of extra space to store lots of things, and our hectic lifestyles do not afford us the time we need to get truly organized at home.

With a few simple tips, and the use of a full service valet storage company, we can get our homes organised, regain our living space and reduce the stress in our lives.  When looking to clean up and organize your home next time – here are some simple steps you can follow to make sure that you make the most out of your clean up time.

1. Avoid taking on everything at once – Never try to tackle everything at once, it will frustrate you and you will give up.  Better to make a little progress than no progress.So select one area, or one room as a starting point.  You can start with your study room or maybe your computer desk.  Don’t move on to new areas until you have finished the first. Take it slow and you will be inspired to continue.

2. Plan it out – Before you think of organizing your home, draft out a plan. Work out the areas that need to be cleaned up first.  Establish what tasks need to be done and in what order.  Put the plan on a paper and stick it somewhere so as to use it as a reminder, or enter the details into your favorite ToDo app on your phone. Planning is important before starting, and it is always exciting to be able to tick tasks off as complete once they are done.

3. Avoid buying any new stuff before you complete your clean-up. – Be strong here.  We all know that Hong Kong is a shopper’s paradise. However, with a little self-discipline you will enjoy your shopping experience much more knowing that you have the space to store the stuff you are buying.  

4. Avoid procrastinating – We all do it.  Cleaning up is not fun.  People keep procrastinating about tidying up.  It never feels like we make any progress.  It is a tiring task but if done in a planned way, it can save you time and effort. Don’t procrastinate and start slow. You will see the benefits as your space slowly becomes more livable.

5.  Label your stuff and get rid of rarely used items – Labeling the boxes, and keeping an inventory of the items you are planning to store might seem a hassle, but it will make it easier for you to know where you have stored your stuff.  With the help of companies like Go N Live you can make use of their online catalog system to track every items you store.  They make it easy to take photos of the items in the box as well as record notes.  When it comes time to get your stuff back – you simply search your online catalog or inventory to find what box you put the item you now want in.

6. Don’t do it alone, and it doesn’t have to be perfect. – No one is perfect, and trying to create more space in our small homes can be incredibly stressful.  Trying to do it all on your own only adds to the stress.  SO get the family involved.  Assign tasks and responsibilities to everybody.  It also doesn’t matter that the place is still a bit cluttered – as long as you had an impact.

7.  Finally call your Valet Storage provider – After cleaning the mess in your home, you make use of your Valet storage provider to store all your belongings for you.  With Valet Storage – you get the benefit of a virtual cupboard space.  That is you never have to leave your home again to retrieve your stored items.  The valet storage provider will always return your stuff to you where you want and when you want – better than if you were storing the items in your own home.

Self Storage.jpg

GNL Hong Kong Self-Storage provides the best valet storage services that comes to you. You don’t have to visit a storage unit to store your stuff. We deliver you boxes and you can pack your stuff. We collect the boxes when you are done. Your belongings are stored safely and securely inside each box and sealed with a unique tamper resistant seal to provide you with peace of mind.  Each stored box or item is uploaded to your virtual cupboard in the cloud to allow you search for the items you have stored.  As a Valet Storage provider we will return to you each box as and when you require it so that you can make better use of the items that you have stored.

Save yourself money, time and effort with GNL Self-storage in Hong Kong.

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Why I need a self-storage near me

Our busy life style means we are always in need of a bit of help.  And in a Big City like Hong Kong, we can always do with a bit of help making more storage and living space.  Or at least making our existing space more usable.  With a Valet Self-Storage provider – that is self-storage that comes to me! – my apartment gets that little bit bigger and I still get convenient access to all of my stuff without ever leaving the apartment.


So why would I need a valet self-storage service?

Hong Kong is a shopping town. – We love buying new gadgets and new clothes.  And we especially love sales time.  But with new stuff comes a more crowded apartment, and eventually we are forced to sell or store our stuff.  But if we store our stuff we will probably never use it again.  With Valet Self storage – our stuff gets delivered to me whenever I want it or need it and where I want it.  So I get to still make better use of my stored stuff.

Treasuring our memories – We have kids and we have family.  We have our friends and we have our lovers.  These are all amazing memories that we should never let go off.  We have stuff that we treasure because of our memories – stuff we will never get rid of.  But this all takes up space.  With traditional storage – we will probably forget where we have stored it, or just forget about it completely.  With Valet Self-Storage – not only does our stuff get returned to us – but we get to catalog our memories and take photos and store in cloud.  When we want to find those cherished moments – we only need look at the catalog to find where they are stored and to request them returned to us.

A Messy home creates additional stress. – Lack of living space and a messy living environment can rob us of the tranquility we need to unwind from a difficult day at work.  By making use of a valet self-storage service – we can return our homes to the tranquil and comfortable environment it was meant to be – and we can still have regular, convenient and easy access to all the stuff we store without ever leaving our apartment.

GNL Valet Self-Storage, the only Hong Kong self-storage that comes to you when you want where you want at affordable prices – save time, money and effort.  Go N Live Valet self-storage – taking care of your storage needs so that you can Go And Live your life.

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I Want MORE Space!

Sometimes our living space is filled with furniture and knickknacks we don’t use or need, taking up precious space and impacting the tranquility of our home life.

It can become a challenge to find space in which to just live.

This space filling stuff can often have a sentimental component to why we keep it.  Maybe grandma left us a coffee table, or grandpa left us a rocking chair.  We cherish these items and the memories that they stir in us – but the lack of living space in Hong Kong makes it difficult for us to keep them.

With small apartments in Hong Kong we also get a storage problem. Adding more stuff to our home results quickly in a cluttered environment.  Unfortunately we can’t store everything in the apartment, and there are lot of things we don’t use or need frequently. And for this, you need a convenient storage solution.


GNL Self-Storage that comes to you – understands that storage needs change, and the most important thing to you is convenience and security. We are just a phone call away. Our valet self-storage services that comes to you is the most convenient and affordable in the city. We store all types of items, and deliver the boxes you need to pack your valuable stuff. When you are ready, we collect your things and store them in your own virtual cupboard space. Your belongings are securely stored and sealed for added protection.

GNL storehouse in Hong Kong is the first valet self-storage service that comes to you. Our services are reliable, convenient, secure and affordable. Let us save you time, effort and money! – so you can Go N Live!

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