The Mobile Safe Deposit Box Comes to Hong Kong

Mobile Safe Deposit Box: Small Size

Mobile Safe Deposit Box: Small Size


At Go N Live, being the company that introduced Valet Storage By The Box has never been enough for us.

We like to be the first to introduce innovative new products and services for our customers.  Some of our achievements include

  • being the first storage company in Hong Kong to introduce an online visual catalog for our customers to document what they store,
  • being the first Hong Kong company to provide valet storage by the item,
  • being the first company to introduce a storage product specifically for students,
  • being the first company to introduce lockable plastic boxes 
  • being the first storage company to offer a valet charity collection service for our customers
  • being the first company to provide airport pickup and delivery services for your luggage.

And today, we are doing it again.  In association with Malca-Amit, Go N Live is introducing the 

Mobile Safe Deposit Box

We are taking storage to the next level.  Now you can store your most valuable belongings, your important documents, and your irreplaceable keep safes in your very own Safe deposit Box that comes to you!

Peace of Mind - $1 Billion Worth

Backed by a US$1 Billion Liability Insurance policy, you can rest assured that your valuables will be cared for and kept safe at all times.  All your valuables will be stored within your own private Safe deposit Box and transported by discrete armored vehicle to Malca-Amit's private vaults.

But Why?

 Safe Deposit Boxes are traditionally supplied by banks.  Yet there is a severe shortage of available Safe Deposit Boxes in Hong Kong.  And those lucky enough to get access to a deposit box have usually had to battle long wait lists to get one.  With many banks now not offering the service to anybody that is not already a customer.

Yet - once you have your deposit box, you can only access it during banking hours.  With a Mobile Safe Deposit Box, you can access your deposit box at your hotel, your office, or even your home.  

True to our motto and our name, everything we do is so you can Go N Live your life, and this is no different.  Why waste your time at a bank. when you can have your valuables securely stored and returned to you when you want and where you want.

And lets face it - in Hong Kong - this type of service just makes sense.