Valet Student Storage made Simple and Convenient

Students need storage services more than others. If you are moving out of the city for summer break or starting with the new academic year, you have lot of stuff and shortage of space to store all the belongings.

A New academic year means more opportunities to learn and experience new things, new books, new games and making new friends. Sounds good right?

So with the starting of a new year, why not give yourself the luxury of a little extra space in those cramped dorm rooms by taking advantage of a virtual cupboard space. With a virtual cupboard you can eliminate the clutter and still have access to all your belongings when you need them.

So why not clean up your room and organize it? With a little effort and simple planning, you can easily de-clutter your space. No need to panic! Valet Student Storage is the solution which will make your student life more comfortable.

Lack of Student Storage in Hong Kong

Storage facilities and solutions specifically designed for students is almost non-existent in Hong Kong. There are not many options for students to store their stuff while moving out for summer break or starting with the new academic year. Storage solutions that are cost-effective are usually very inconvenient.  Those storage services that are convenient are generally not very cost-effective.  In either case, these are not attractive options for your average student.



Affordable Valet Student Storage in Hong Kong

Reclaim your space with the help of valet student storage in Hong Kong. Go N Live brings you budget friendly student storage packages for your convenience. You will have to only pay what you use. We have made student self-storage convenient and easy. These are the benefits you enjoy –

  • Valet self-storage that comes to you, you don’t have to ever visit a storage unit again.
  • You save time, effort and money.
  • The first Special Student budget friendly student storage facility in Hong Kong.
  • You get free empty cardboard boxes that you can keep.
  • Packing material for the boxes.
  • Free pickup services, you don’t have to load your stuff in a truck. We will do the leg work for you.
  • A small fee for the return of your goods – when you want them and where you want them.

Simple and convenient Student Storage

You are just a phone call away. Whenever you need to store the stuff that you do not use frequently, call GNL Self-Storage in Hong Kong for an appointment. To be eligible for the student packages, you need to show us your student ID card. We will provide you boxes in which you can pack your stuff and seal them.

We have made storage services easier for you by eliminating all the leg work and taking care of your belongings for you. You get a virtual cupboard itemizing all your boxes and allowing you to catalogue what you have stored.

Get the benefits of a student storage that is reliable, affordable and convenient.  We come to you.

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