Vacuum Bags.....

Hopefully these terrific storage solutions don't come as surprise to anybody out there.  But just in case we thought that we would take a look at the Vacuum Storage Bag

What we love

  • Price
    We have to admit that the price point for these storage bags can be quite compelling.  Check out the Japan HOME Center for some inexpensive options.
  • Size Options
    When the Vacuum Storage bag came out over 10 years ago - size options were not available.  Now though its a different story.  You can get small, medium, large and hanging solutions.  You can even get travel solutions. (Check out our travel packing tip this month)
  • Concept
    Fantastic!  Stick stuff in a bag.  Grab a vacuum cleaner and suck all the air out.  SO simple.  You can reduce bulky blankets to 1/4 their size.

What we hate

  • Quality
    While there are some great quality products on the market (like the original Space Bag ).  There are a number of 'johnny come lately' that are cashing in on the concept with really low quality.  Our advice to you - only buy reputable brands. 
  • Hong Kong Selection
    It surprises me that there is a not a bigger selection / choice of products and bag types available to the HK consumer.  When I visit Australia, I find that there are a number of sizes, combinations and reputable brands available at Target, Big W, and smaller retailers.
  • Warnings 
    While the concept is pretty easy to understand, it still amazes me how many people overfill the bags - ending up with an exploding or ripped bag.  I would love to see a more graphic instruction set showing exploding bags - plus it would be so much more interesting for the consumer.

Final Thoughts

With the use of a few vacuum bags you can easily double the available space in your wardrobes, and find some extra space under the bed.  And the price point makes it a smart option for the average space challenged consumer.