Have a well-organized home with Valet Storage, and reduce your stress

It can be very stressful living in Hong Kong at the best of times, but living in a cluttered apartment can add additional stress. The size of our apartments in Hong Kong do not offer us the luxury of extra space to store lots of things, and our hectic lifestyles do not afford us the time we need to get truly organized at home.

With a few simple tips, and the use of a full service valet storage company, we can get our homes organised, regain our living space and reduce the stress in our lives.  When looking to clean up and organize your home next time – here are some simple steps you can follow to make sure that you make the most out of your clean up time.

1. Avoid taking on everything at once – Never try to tackle everything at once, it will frustrate you and you will give up.  Better to make a little progress than no progress.So select one area, or one room as a starting point.  You can start with your study room or maybe your computer desk.  Don’t move on to new areas until you have finished the first. Take it slow and you will be inspired to continue.

2. Plan it out – Before you think of organizing your home, draft out a plan. Work out the areas that need to be cleaned up first.  Establish what tasks need to be done and in what order.  Put the plan on a paper and stick it somewhere so as to use it as a reminder, or enter the details into your favorite ToDo app on your phone. Planning is important before starting, and it is always exciting to be able to tick tasks off as complete once they are done.

3. Avoid buying any new stuff before you complete your clean-up. – Be strong here.  We all know that Hong Kong is a shopper’s paradise. However, with a little self-discipline you will enjoy your shopping experience much more knowing that you have the space to store the stuff you are buying.  

4. Avoid procrastinating – We all do it.  Cleaning up is not fun.  People keep procrastinating about tidying up.  It never feels like we make any progress.  It is a tiring task but if done in a planned way, it can save you time and effort. Don’t procrastinate and start slow. You will see the benefits as your space slowly becomes more livable.

5.  Label your stuff and get rid of rarely used items – Labeling the boxes, and keeping an inventory of the items you are planning to store might seem a hassle, but it will make it easier for you to know where you have stored your stuff.  With the help of companies like Go N Live you can make use of their online catalog system to track every items you store.  They make it easy to take photos of the items in the box as well as record notes.  When it comes time to get your stuff back – you simply search your online catalog or inventory to find what box you put the item you now want in.

6. Don’t do it alone, and it doesn’t have to be perfect. – No one is perfect, and trying to create more space in our small homes can be incredibly stressful.  Trying to do it all on your own only adds to the stress.  SO get the family involved.  Assign tasks and responsibilities to everybody.  It also doesn’t matter that the place is still a bit cluttered – as long as you had an impact.

7.  Finally call your Valet Storage provider – After cleaning the mess in your home, you make use of your Valet storage provider to store all your belongings for you.  With Valet Storage – you get the benefit of a virtual cupboard space.  That is you never have to leave your home again to retrieve your stored items.  The valet storage provider will always return your stuff to you where you want and when you want – better than if you were storing the items in your own home.

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GNL Hong Kong Self-Storage provides the best valet storage services that comes to you. You don’t have to visit a storage unit to store your stuff. We deliver you boxes and you can pack your stuff. We collect the boxes when you are done. Your belongings are stored safely and securely inside each box and sealed with a unique tamper resistant seal to provide you with peace of mind.  Each stored box or item is uploaded to your virtual cupboard in the cloud to allow you search for the items you have stored.  As a Valet Storage provider we will return to you each box as and when you require it so that you can make better use of the items that you have stored.

Save yourself money, time and effort with GNL Self-storage in Hong Kong.

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