Banish Clutter and Reclaim your Space with Valet Self-Storage

If getting rid of clutter was easy – there would be no need for self-storage providers.  The truth is that deciding what we need and what we don’t need can be difficult.  We often attach emotional sentiment with many of the things that we have in our homes.  Living in Hong Kong can complicate matters as our small living environments can quickly become cluttered through sentiment.  

But when closets are crowded, drawers are jumbled, and shelves overflow, it can really slow you down.  A cluttered living and working environment can also have negative emotional impacts on us.

So how do we keep our much cherished and sentimental belongings – yet create a de-cluttered and inviting living space?  How do we reclaim our living space and reclaim our lives?

Reclaim Your Space

The Apartment UpGrade……yeah right!

Well, if we are really lucky – we can upgrade our apartments (or even our offices) to a much bigger place.  And while this is an appealing solution – it’s not realistic for most of us living in Hong Kong.


There is always traditional self-storage.  But the reality is that once we put something into Self Storage, then there is a good chance that it will remain there for some time to come.  And that maybe the items are just not that important to us after all.

If we do make use of self-storage – then there is also the inconvenience factor associated with traditional self-storage, including

 Having to get to the storage unit in the first place

  •  The time it takes to get there and back
  •  The cost associated with getting to the storage unit and back
  • The need to arrange transportation, whether that be a taxi or a van – it can be expensive and inconvenient
  • The searching for our stuff.  This can take time, and often requires the moving around of different boxes and items to find would we are looking for

Let’s face it, self-storage is not convenient and not really customer centric, and definitely not service orientated.

A Virtual Cupboard!  What’s that?

Something new! 

What if you could get extra space at a low cost that was incredibly convenient?

What if you could put your stuff into storage without leaving your apartment or office?

What if you could then get your stuff back the same day, or at least within 24 hours of your request AND that your stuff was delivered to you where you wanted them?

What if you could have an online searchable inventory of all your stored items, allowing you to find what you are looking for on your PC or phone – and then get the item sent to you directly?

There was a lot of “What If…” above – so does it Sound too good to be true?  Not long ago the answer would have been yes.  But now with Valet Self Storage – all of this is available to Hong Kong.

Valet self-storage allows you to get the advantage of extra space at a low cost, with the convenience of having more cupboard area in your existing apartment or office. With valet self-storage, you get the ability to have access to your belongings at your convenience, allowing you to reclaim your space without relegating your belongings to forgotten storage bins.

About Go N Live

GNL Self-Storage in Hong Kong is the only full service valet self-storage service provider in Hong Kong.  We help you reclaim your space 1 box at a time.

Book an appointment and we will bring high quality packing boxes directly to you. You can pack up your goods in the boxes and if you have over sized items, just let us know. We will come and collect your belongings and keep it safe and secure at our storage facility.  Each stored box or item is uploaded to your virtual cupboard in the cloud to allow you full access to your belongings.  You will be provided with a complete inventory of what you have stored with us. When you are ready, simply contact us and let us know when and where you want your stuff returned.

Contact GNL storage for an efficient, affordable and reliable Hong Kong self-storage that comes to you.

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