I Want MORE Space!

Sometimes our living space is filled with furniture and knickknacks we don’t use or need, taking up precious space and impacting the tranquility of our home life.

It can become a challenge to find space in which to just live.

This space filling stuff can often have a sentimental component to why we keep it.  Maybe grandma left us a coffee table, or grandpa left us a rocking chair.  We cherish these items and the memories that they stir in us – but the lack of living space in Hong Kong makes it difficult for us to keep them.

With small apartments in Hong Kong we also get a storage problem. Adding more stuff to our home results quickly in a cluttered environment.  Unfortunately we can’t store everything in the apartment, and there are lot of things we don’t use or need frequently. And for this, you need a convenient storage solution.


GNL Self-Storage that comes to you – understands that storage needs change, and the most important thing to you is convenience and security. We are just a phone call away. Our valet self-storage services that comes to you is the most convenient and affordable in the city. We store all types of items, and deliver the boxes you need to pack your valuable stuff. When you are ready, we collect your things and store them in your own virtual cupboard space. Your belongings are securely stored and sealed for added protection.

GNL storehouse in Hong Kong is the first valet self-storage service that comes to you. Our services are reliable, convenient, secure and affordable. Let us save you time, effort and money! – so you can Go N Live!

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