Let Valet Self Storage help you to organize and de-clutter your home this holiday period

We all love the holiday season. A chance to spend more time with the family.  To go on a trip abroad.  To reconnect with friends.  To have lots of play dates with the little ones throughout Hong Kong.  What’s not to love!

With the holiday period comes the need to entertain the little ones, keep them occupied and keep them burning off all that energy.  With summer comes the heat and the wet.  And with the heat and the rain outside – we quickly look for inside solutions – but space will always be an issue.

How do we make the best use of our limited space so that the kids and the family can have fun and for filled lives?  How do we make our living space bigger without spending a fortune on a larger apartment?


Traditional Self-Storage can help you store all your non-essential items and create space for visiting guests and visiting playdate.  However, there is the unintended consequence of inconvenience.  Let’s face it.  Nobody wants to go to a self-storage or mini storage unit in the rain or in the sweltering heat – it’s just not fun – and certainly not convenient.

So why not use Valet Self Storage.  With Valet Self Storage you get as much virtual cupboard space as you want or need.  Valet Self Storage eradicates the inconvenience factor of Self Storage.  Your stored items are returned to you where you want them and when you want.  Hot or Raining outside?  SO!  With Valet Self Storage – your items are returned to you at your convenience.

How can Valet Self Storage help you over summer?

Clean up the spare bedroom and use it as a playroom. Store your non-essential items in your virtual cupboard.

Store the family bikes in your virtual cupboard and have them delivered when the weather is good, and you are going to actually use them.

Too hot for golf over summer?  Store your golf clubs in your very own virtual cupboard have them returned to you when the weather is better.

Pack up the family’s winter clothing and store them in your virtual cupboard space, giving you more space in your apartment for the stuff that you will use over summer.  Have your winter clothing returned to you when the weather is much more appropriate.

GNL Self-Storage in Hong Kong brings you the most convenient, reliable and affordable way to de-clutter your home. Our services are simple, time-saving, safe and secure – and most importantly we always comes to you. We provide you sturdy boxes according to your requirements so that you can safely and confidently pack your stuff. When you are ready, just give us a call, and we will come and collected your packed boxes, and you only pay for the space you use.

GNL Storehouse in Hong Kong provide valet pick-up and delivery storage services. You don’t have to worry about searching for a storage unit to store your items. We offer full valet storage services for your convenience. Store your items in your very own virtual cupboard and enjoy your holidays with additional living space and peace of mind.