Make space for your growing family with Valet Self-Storage

With a growing family, our homes can quickly accumulate a great deal of stuff. When it comes to planning for the arrival of a new born baby – space can quickly become a pressing issue for expectant parents.  New born babies require their own bedding, change tables, toys and accessories – all of which can be not only very expensive – but also demanding of our limited space.

As new born’s become infants – the equipment, toys and accessories required by parents also change. The cost associated with raising a child increase and parents find ourselves with increased space pressures as the items we accumulate just keep mounting up.  We parents are faced with difficult choices in order to gain a bit more living space. Do we sell those expensive new-born items now that our child is no longer an infant?  But what if we are planning to have another child?  Do we look for larger accommodation at inflated prices?

As an infant becomes a toddler, we parents are again confronted with the need for new equipment, toys and accessories.  Faced with the same dilemmas as before – parents must make difficult decisions and compromises relating to what we keep and what must be disposed of.

This cycle continues throughout the duration of our children’s lives and the expansion of our families, and will constantly generate space constraint issues.

With GNL Self-Storage as your valet self storage partner – parents finally have a convenient solution to pressing space needs of an expanding family.

With valet self-storage that comes to you, parents and their families get access to a virtual cupboard for the extra stuff that has been accumulated.  All of your stuff is securely stored at the Go N Live storehouse in Hong Kong. With a simple phone call or email – the stuff that you have stored in your virtual cupboard will be returned to you without you ever leaving the comforts of your apartment.

Store the kids bicycles, and have them returned to you on the weekend for the family ride.

Keep that new-born stuff until you know that you need it.

With storage by the item or box – we make self-storage convenient for the active parent and the expanding family.  Let us help you make better use of your limited living space.

 Save time, effort and money with Go N Live Storage in Hong Kong.