Valet Self-Storage that comes to you provides a virtual cupboard space that is both convenient and commercially sensible for organizations that are looking to maximise their investment in office space.  With the off-site storage of items that do not contribute directly to revenue on a daily basis and are infrequently utilised, organisations can reduce their rental spend and improve the working environment for employees without sacrificing control over, or convenient access to, their items.


Hong Kong office space is some of the most expensive in the world.  For most Hong Kong organisations, it is the single biggest fixed monthly outgoing.  So it is to be expected that we want the office space we do rent to be productive.


BUT in Hong Kong it is not uncommon to find Grade A Office space filled with

o   Old office files that are seldom accessed

o   Marketing Materials, that are needed on mass occasionally – but purchased and stored in bulk

o   Marketing Merchandise, that are needed on mass occasionally – but purchased and stored in bulk

o   Stock Samples that are used at trade shows and seldom used between shows.

o   Trade show banners and stands that are used only at trade shows

When you look at how we make use of our office space, our rental costs are much higher than they need to be.  We should not have to pay premium office rental prices for office storage.  However for convenient and reliable access to our stuff – this is what we have indeed had to do.


With a professional Valet Storage Service provider that provides their service by the box or the item, the inconvenience traditionally associated with off-site storage is eradicated.  Businesses can use this to regain precious and expensive office space for their employees and other direct income earning resources and effectively reduce the cost to store their business items, while simultaneously improving the efficiency of their office space.


Trade Show Exhibit Accessories

The banners and signs used at the trade show are absolutely necessary in order to get your message across effectively.  However, between shows – these items take up valuable space and can be cumbersome to move from the office to the next trade show.

With valet storage, your trade show accessories are stored off site and bought to you where and when you need them, and collected again.

Marketing Merchandise

We all have it.  The customer gifts with our brands clearly and prominently displayed.  These are great publicity, and most customers appreciate them.

However our suppliers usually require us to buy these items in bulk.  Meaning we need to purchase multiple boxes, and then find somewhere to store them.

With a Valet Storage partner, businesses have their Marketing Merchandise stored off-site - then have the quantity of marketing materials you require for you next event delivered directly to you WHEN and WHERE you want them – even internationally.

Once the inconvenience of off-site self-storage is taken out of the equation – then it starts to make perfect commercial sense for all types of organisations.  Big or small.

About Go N Live Limited

GNL Storage is the only professional Valet Self Storage provider in Hong Kong.  We work with our partners to expand their space – both personal and commercial – at affordable prices.  We focus on our customers need for security, reliability and convenience.

Our storehouse in Hong Kong provides our customer with a virtual cupboard space of their own.  Our customer never have to leave their office to get their stored items back.

For more information please do get in contact with us at +852 5970 4316 or at


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