Seasonal Self-Storage tips that will de-stress you

Every season brings with it its own unique characteristics and dictates what we wear and what we need in our homes.  Whether it be decorations, clothing, heating or cooling appliances, or home maintenance needs – our seasons have a big impact on our lives. Yet the small environments that we are required to live-in in Hong Kong can have a limiting impact on how we embrace each season, and we can easily be left with a cluttered living environment.

Let’s face it – our apartments will never be big enough to store all the items – both essential and non-essential – that we want. 

With every new season we keep adding new items or clothes to our collection and increase the pressure on our already limited storage facilities.  We get faced with the dilemma of having to discard the stuff that we categorize as non-essential – even though we may still have a need or desire for the items that we are about to discard.  There is clearly a desire for additional storage space in Hong Kong – and this is where valet self-storage can be of great assistance to our lives in Hong Kong.  By following some simple storage ideas – combined with the adoption of valet self-storage services – we can greatly improve our living conditions and our lives.

Summer Self-Storage – With the end of summer season, we need to store all the items that can take a lot of space in our homes. Popular summer items like water toys, pool inflatables, life vests and other water sport related items can be stored with a valet self-storage service. Other summer products like outdoor tents, bbq grills, bicycles, the market umbrella, cushions and patio furniture can be stored away until next year. Clearing these items for the duration of the winter period will help to de-clutter your home and your life.  And help to encourage a more relaxing home environment leading to less stress.

Winter Self-Storage –winters in Hong Kong can be very cold.  The clothing we wear becomes bulky.  We need to make use of heaters to keep the apartment warm.  Thick heavy duvets get laid on the bed.  All of this takes up space.  With the end of winter these items get put to the back of the cupboard until next year – but they take up much needed space.  Why not clear this seasonal stuff out of the home and allow for more space throughout the summer period.  It is important to store all of your items in a storehouse that provides climate control and maintain stable humidity to keep your belongings in great condition.

Seasonal Holiday Storage – Hong Kong people love their holidays.  And why not!  We live in such a small geographical area that is severely limited in providing seasonal outdoor sporting type activities such as skiing and mountain bike riding.  As our winter sets in, many families flock to other countries in search of snow fields and a snow adventure.  We pack up all our bulky clothing and equipment and setup to the snow fields of Japan, Europe or Canada.  We have a wonderful time, and upon returning to Hong Kong we put our holiday equipment away for an entire year.  And for the rest of the year that snow equipment takes up space that we could use for something else – so why not make use of valet self-storage and store the holiday equipment (including bulky suitcases) in a virtual cupboard and have it returned to you only when you need it.

GNL storage in Hong Kong is a valet self-storage service that comes to you. It makes storage solutions easy and convenient for you with delivery and pick-up services. You never have to go to a storehouse in Hong Kong again. The GNL Storage service picks up and delivers by the box or by the item.  You get a virtual cupboard space, where when you need an individual item or box – you simply request it and it will be delivered.  Once you have finished with it – the item or box will be returned to your virtual cupboard space.

Valet self-storage will de-stress you and give you peace of mind without having to worry about your belongings. We are the best and the most economical self-storage services that makes storage easy and simple for you.