Choosing the right self-storage service will save you time, energy and money.

Living in Hong Kong generates a great deal of stress.  From our busy and demanding jobs, our hectic lifestyles, and from the busy sidewalks and public spaces.  Our homes should provide us with some respite from the daily stresses of life.  Unfortunately our living space in Hong Kong can also be a source of stress, and unfortunately do not always provide us with the tranquil escape that so many of us desire.  With 91% of all apartments in Hong Kong having less than 650 sq. ft. net usable area, and the population growing – living space is going to continue to be an issue for all of us.

As time goes by we compound the problem by collecting and adding items to our limited living environment, and the hassle of a cluttered environment can quickly make it difficult to maintain a well-organized and tidy living space.  Thus, further confounding that ideal of our homes being tranquil and a sanctuary from stress.

One obvious solution to our living space challenge is the adoption of self-storage or mini storage.

However the process of selecting the right storage provider can be stressful on its own.  How do you ensure that you get (1) security, (2) reliability and (3) convenience at a (4) fee that is reasonable?  It can be difficult to get the perfect balance between these four factors, and often we must compromise 1 or more of these factors when choosing our self-storage provider.

Selecting the right provider will benefit you in several ways, including potentially saving you time, energy and most importantly money.

To assist with the selection process, we have comprised a few tips that we believe will be of immense benefit and help to ensure that you save time, energy and money.

Convenience.  The storage facilities / provider you select should complement your lifestyle – not make it more complicated.  While many Storage facilities provide 24 hour access, why would you consider this convenient, especially if the facilities are in remote areas?  Convenience should mean getting your stuff when you want it and where you want it.  It should mean that the experience of storing your stuff should be as close as possible to storing your stuff in your own cupboard space.

So consider looking for a storage provider that provides full valet storage service – not just a storage space.

 Safety.  Is the place safe?  Sure the facilities on the 9th floor of the remote industrial building might be as secure as Fort Knox.  But what about the area surrounding the building?  What about the other tenants in the building?

To make self-storage affordable, storage providers must make use of lower cost facilities in undesirable buildings and locations – otherwise the cost would be prohibitive to most people. 

Valet Self Storage removes the issue of personal safety.  Valet self-storage brings your stored goods to you so you never have to visit the storage facilities and question whether it is safe to do so.

 Environment.  The safety of your person is only 1 element in determining safety. You must consider the safety of your belongings.  Is the temperature and humidity controlled?  How are your items to be stored?  Understanding what safe guards a provider has in place is important to ensuring that you can trust your provider.

Cataloging.  How do you make sure that you remember what you have stored, what box it is in and where it is located in the storage facility?  Does the storage provider give you any assistance in cataloging your items?

A good valet self-storage provider will provide you with an online catalog of the boxes and items you have stored with them.  They will provide a mechanism whereby you can write your own notes about your items.

So why is this important?  When it comes time to retrieve what you have in storage – knowing exactly the box you want or need will save you time, energy and money.  And the valet storage provider can then return the box or item you need directly to you.

Reliability.   Having a reliable partner is always important.  Having a storage provider that understands customer service and ensures that they are engaged with their customers will make your storage experience so much more pleasant.  Reliability can be as simple as ensuring that there are no surprises regarding costs.  Being there to provide assistance when you need it, or engaging with you by sending you regular reminders of what you have stored with them.

GNL Storage in Hong Kong brings you the most convenient self-storage services and offers full valet storage – including the collection from and delivery of your items directly to you.  As a full valet storage provider our customers do not need to worry about visiting a storage unit or searching through boxes for the item they want.  With an online catalog of each customers stored items, our customers can search their belongings – and then specify a single box to be returned to them when and where they need it. 

We are redefining the self-storage industry in Hong Kong, and making sure that the entire experience is about YOU the customer.