Ease your Summer Break with Self Storage that comes to YOU!

The life of a college or University student is divided between two important places.  Their home and their place of learning.

Summer break is a truly an amazing time for many students.  It’s a time to rejoice at the progress that has been made.  It’s also a time to return home and visit family and friends. 

For many students, there is a period of chaos before they get to rejoice.  Summer break means it is time to move out of student residency for 3 months.  But what to do with all your stuff while you are away?  This is a common dilemma for many students that take student residency within Hong Kong Schools and University.

The obvious solution is self-storage or mini storage.  But finding a convenient storehouse in Hong Kong that caters for the budgets and needs of students is difficult.  Mini Storage that fits the needs of student budgets are usually located in remote areas that can be difficult for students to access, conversely Self-Storage that provides easy access and convenience does not typically fit the budget of students.

With GNL Storage – we are redefining Self Storage, by providing affordable Storage that comes to YOU!

GNL Storage provides reliable, well priced and awesome storage solutions designed for every College or University student. With our valet storage service, you save time, effort and money – as you never need to visit a storage unit again!

Our storage service delivers boxes to your door, you pack your stuff, and when you are ready – we will collect your boxes and securely store them.

When you need your stuff returned, you simply make an appointment and we return your stuff to you – WHEN and WHERE you need them.

We store by the box or item.  So if you have a bike or surfboard, a few boxes or even an entire apartment to store – we have you covered.

We take security and service seriously, and we do all this so that you can forget about storage and Go ‘N’ Live!