Creating an efficient Business Environment by using Storage in Hong Kong

There are many people running small businesses from home, or a small serviced office. The lack of space in these environments can create cramped and uncomfortable living and working conditions. So being smart about storage is of paramount importance to small businesses.  Ensuring that we have the right amount of stock or supplies in the right quantity to not only support the business needs, but to enable the receipt of bulk purchase discounting is critical to managing our business affairs and our cash flows.  However, having excess stock and supplies on hand can lead to environments that are crowded and not conducive to an enjoyable, relaxing and functional work and living space.

And space will always be an issue for any business in Hong Kong.

GNL Storage in Hong Kong is now offering a solution for all small businesses that are struggling under the weight of crowded working environments.

GNL Storage is taking mini storage and self storage to a new level in Hong Kong. By providing small business a virtual storehouse in Hong Kong, we are providing a full valet service for your stock and supplies.  That is GNL Storage will collect your stock and supplies and store them for you.  We will then return to you the boxes/items that you need, when you need them and where you need them.

If you are running business from home or from a small serviced office, and wish to unclutter your working and living space, GNL Storage is just a phone call away.  You can pack your stock and excess supplies in the boxes we deliver.  When you are ready we will collect the boxes and store them in your own virtual storehouse in Hong Kong.  All boxes are placed in security bags and sealed with unique serial numbers for your protection and to ensure the security of your merchandise.

We take our commitment to deliver when and where you need your boxes seriously. So if you merchandise at fairs and trade shows, then we would be happy to deliver your boxes of stock directly to you at the fair or market.  Once the market or fair has concluded, we would be happy to collect your stock boxes and return to your secure virtual storehouse.

You can have complete confidence in us, and you will have access to an online catalogue so as to keep a complete inventory of your materials stored in your virtual storeroom.

GNL is redefining storage in Hong Kong by making mini storage and self-storage more convenient for our customers through the provision of affordable and reliable full valet storage and delivery solutions.