Make space for home entertainment through Self-Storage

Make space for entertaining guests through Self-Storage Valet Service

Make space for entertaining guests through Self-Storage Valet Service

Most of our homes in Hong Kong do not have much storage space. In such a situation, it is not uncommon to over time to acquire a lot of possessions and fill your home with them.  The more stuff we have in our homes, the less space left for us to relax in and enjoy the company of others.

Our small apartments can prevent us from entertaining guests, or hosting dinner parties.  And let’s face it – a home cooked meal with the company of good friends in one of those special times that we all look forward to.

So why not be innovative with the available space that you have, and let GNL Storage in Hong Kong help you host those dinner parties without cluttering your home.  With the full valet storage service you can store your entertaining equipment (extra crockery, dinner sets, cooking utensils) with us and have them delivered to you just before you need them.

Likewise we can temporarily store your stuff that takes up that extra space while you host your dinner party.  Clear out the bike, the guitar, that extra box of kid’s toys and make more space for your guests.  Once the party is over GNL Storage will return all your temporarily stored items to you, and collect all your entertainment items until next time you should need them.


With GNL Storage you get to keep what you need in your apartment, and the rest is just a phone call away – where it will be delivered to you where you want it and when you want it.

Go N Live Self Storage – we are providing you will the services to redefine self-storage in Hong Kong.