Storage in Hong Kong Just Became Easier

Is your home cluttered with things you barely use? Do you have items that are not required on a daily basis? Are the old photo albums, and special occasion dinner sets, or other sentimental but not often used items taking up much needed space?

Well, you can now store these items and other cherished things in your own virtual cupboard space. Go ‘N' Live Self Storage is a Hong Kong mini storage solution provider that comes to you, and takes the ‘Self’ out of Self Storage.

Go N Live Self Storage helps you to free up your homes much needed space to store the things that you use or need on a regular basis.

Storage in Hong Kong Just Became Easier

Storage in Hong Kong Just Became Easier


Storage in Hong Kong has indeed become easier with the help of Go ‘N' Live Self Storage. You can separate the items that you use daily from the items that you want to keep – but use infrequently. Those infrequently used items can be packed away in your own Virtual Cupboard space – with full confidence that your stuff will be returned to you when and where you need it – without ever leaving your apartment.

Go N Live Self Storage have the only Hong Kong mini storage service that provides full valet storage in Hong Kong.  As part of your Virtual Cupboard space we will collect your box’s and store it in our secured facility. We then create an online catalogue of your boxes.  You can then use this system to detail the contents of each box you have stored in your Virtual Cupboard space.  With the click of a button – you can have the box you need returned to you.


Whenever, you want any item, you can call us, email us, or log into your Virtual Cupboard space – tell us the box you want returned – and we will deliver your cherished and prized items to you when and where you need them. We provide our services at your doorstep for your convenience. As a result, you can clear the clutter in your home, without leaving your home.

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