Self-Storage - Smart space saving solution for homes

With the size of our apartments in Hong Kong, it can be very difficult to keep our apartments tidy and organized.  Often we end up with a great deal of clutter.

We all own items that we make use of infrequently, but we need to find a place to put to store these items along with those things that we do use every day.

Almost all the apartments in Hong Kong have limited closets and storage facilities. So the question arises, how to clear the clutter and organize our items and lives to make the best use of space? The answer to this question is Self-Storage made easy with Go N Live Storage. To get de-cluttered and organized space in in our homes, we need to store those materials and items that we use rarely.

The following are some points that should be remembered and that we need to ask ourselves while storing items or materials which are not used frequently. 

De-clutter the goods – First of all we need to identify what items we use daily and what we don’t. Next, we should sort and divide those items that we do not use frequently from the ones we use every-day.

Find a Storage Location – To keep our items safe and secure, and in one place, we need to look for a good storage location where our boxes are locked and sealed, and stored within humidity control facilities.

Pack your items into boxes – Self-Storage can be made easy with by making use of boxes to group and sort your items.  By storing everything in sturdy boxes – it also makes retrieval much easier. GNL Storage is a storehouse in Hong Kong that delivers boxes high quality boxes for your packing needs.

Catalogue the boxes – It is important to keep a complete inventory of the items and materials that you store in your boxes.  With correctly labeled and catalogued boxes – finding your items at a later date becomes that much easier. At GNL Storage – we provide serialized boxes that you can use to create catalogues.  We will upload all of your stored boxes into an online catalog such that you can maintain and access all the information relevant to your stored items.

Get a virtual cupboard – If you need to organize your space, make your home tidier and get your access to your items with little fuss – then get a Virtual Cupboard.  A Virtual Cupboard is self-storage that comes to you.

By following these simple ideas, each of us can regain our living space, de-clutter our home, and have convenient access to our stuff when and where we want it. At Go ‘N’ Live Storage – we are redefining self-storage, and making it more accessible and more convenient for our customers 1 box at a time.

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