Clean out the clutter to help you move on in life

"Decluttering is good for us, we are told. Too much stuff can weigh us down mentally and physically, while a good clear-out sweeps the decks clean and allows fresh energy to flow in. However, it’s hard to let go of those precious stores of memories and meaningfulness in our possessions.  

There’s no explaining why so many of us cling to things we don’t really want, or may never use, or can’t remember how they came to be there in the first place. Yet, according to organising expert Jennifer Ford Berry, author of Organise Now!, this issue is best approached with a firm hand and an iron will because, she says, tackling clutter can help one move forward with life."

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Super Small Apartment in Manhattan!

A creative use of space is definitely a virtue in crowded cities like New York and Hong Kong. But being creative doesn’t provide the answers to all our storage problems. Valet Storage by the box can help you make better use of those smaller living areas.  From storing your sports gear to storing your evening attire, Valet Storage by the Box helps you live larger.

Join Go N Live now to reclaim your space and live life without restrictions! 


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