Mobile Safe Deposit Box


Go N Live, in association with Malca-Amit, now provides an alternative to the inconvenience of a Bank Safe Deposit Box.

We all know that a Safe Deposit Box is one of those things that we should have, but for many reasons we don't.  Let's face it, in Hong Kong it can be hard to get the Safe Deposit Box we want.  Either, there is a wait-list that is years long, or the lack of convenience makes it impractical.



The Mobile Safe Despoit Box

A Safe Deposit Box that comes to You!


With a Safe Deposit Box that comes to you, you get the convenience of having your valuables delivered to you when and where you need them, with peace of mind in knowing that your belongings are being kept safe and transported by one of the worlds most trusted names in secure storage and transport.

For a very minimal expense, you can rest assured that all your important documents and precious jewelry is safe from loss, destruction or theft. Birth, marriage or death certificates, deeds and titles, stocks and bonds, family valuables, you can count on the customer service from Go N Live, and the security afforded by Malca-Amit to discreetly keep your valuables secure.

How It Works.



Sign up.
Schedule an appointment.
Your Mobile Safe Deposit Boxes will be delivered directly to you.



Gather up your valuables and important documents.
Use our online cataloging systems to record everything you have.



On your schedule, a Malca-Amit team collects and securely stores your valuables in their vaults.



Get your valuables delivered back to you.
When and Where you want.

USD$1 Billion Insurance Policy

Malca-Amit is one of the most trustworthy names in the industry for the storage and transportation of precious metals.

Now they are using their experience to provide GNL customers the ability to store their valuable goods within a secure and safe environment.

Customers making use of this service are afforded even greater peace of mind knowing that Malca-Amit is backed by a global USD$1 Billion Insurance Policy, ensuring that your valuables are trully secure.

Fully Protected

You and your valuables are protected. Each Safe Deposit Box requires two keys. One kept by you the customer, the other by Malca-Amit.

Both keys must be present to unlock the security box, affording you the knowledge that trained security personel will be present upon the initial unlocking of your deposit box.

Your valuables are transported in discrete non-descript vehicles. Each vehicle is secure and armoured, ensuring the safety of your valuables while not drawing attention to the value that is being transported.


Available Sizes

DIMESION 6"x9"x13"
15.25 x 22.85 x 33cm
25.4 x 25.4 x 54.6cm
38.1 x 38.1 x 54.6cm
20 40 80

To get pricing information, or to sign-up - please contact Go N Live.