Late Fees

Our storage contracts are all on pre-payment basis.  That is you must settle your bill before the next month storage commences.

We will send you your bill at least 7 days prior to its due date and we will continue to send you reminders.

In the unlikely event that you do not pay your bill, we will be in the unfortunate situation of having to charge you a late fee.

Late fees will be calculated as

  • $20 admin fee +
  • 10% of outstanding amount.

Please note that this is monthly and accumulative.

For example

Fred has an outstanding storage bill of $550 that he has not paid by the due date.  We would then apply late fees as follows

  • $20 admin fee
  • $55 fee based upon outstanding amount (10% x $550)

If Fred did not pay his bill the following month then an additional late fee would be applied as follows

  • $20 admin fee
  • $117.50 fee based upon outstanding amount (10% x $625 + $550)

After the 2nd month Fred would owe a total of




Fees Policy

While we try and make our pricing as simple as possible and strive to have a fixed fee, we unfortunately live in Hong Kong and there is a great deal of uncertainty in terms of cost of transport.  In order to keep our pricing low - there are a few fees that we must pass onto our customers, these include

  • Parking Fees

Parking Fees for both pickup and deliveries will be past to the customer.  As part of booking a delivery or pickup - we request that you advise us as to parking arrangements at your location.

  • Airport Tunnel / Road Fees

We absorb most of the tunnel fees for our customers.  However the cost of deliveries to the airport are too high to absorb.  So while we are happy to deliver or pickup from the airport - we must unfortunately pass on the additional tunnel and road charges associated with a delivery to the airport.

I live in a walkup.....

So you live in a walk up.  AWESOME!!

You will understand how difficult it can be to get stuff up and down the stairs without causing injury to yourself.

We do have a simple stairwell policy and  pricing.  We charge

$15 per item per floor

For example.  If you live on the 5th floor of a walk-up (no elevator access), and you have 4 standard boxes - then your stairwell charge will be calculated as follows

$15 x 5 x 4 = $300

The stairwell policy relates to both pickup's and deliveries.

**If you have items other than standard boxes - please contact us.

Can I use and pack my own boxes? / 可否用自己的紙箱去包裝物品?

Yes!  However we request that you use boxes that are no bigger than
- 56 cm length
- 31 cm height
- 36 cm width
If your boxes are bigger than this we will not be able to place them in our privacy / security covers as they will be too big.  Boxes larger than this will be charged as large storage boxes.

可以, 但要求紙箱尺寸(長x闊x高)為 56cm x 36cm x 31cm或以下