I live in a walkup.....

So you live in a walk up.  AWESOME!!

You will understand how difficult it can be to get stuff up and down the stairs without causing injury to yourself.

We do have a simple stairwell policy and  pricing.  We charge

$15 per item per floor

For example.  If you live on the 5th floor of a walk-up (no elevator access), and you have 4 standard boxes - then your stairwell charge will be calculated as follows

$15 x 5 x 4 = $300

The stairwell policy relates to both pickup's and deliveries.

**If you have items other than standard boxes - please contact us.

What are your operating hours? / 你們服務的時間為?

Our customer service line is open from 9am to 9pm Monday to Saturday.

Our delivery service is available Monday to Sunday 9am to 9pm

We can make arrangements for deliveries outside of these times - please feel free to call us on 5970 4316


客戶服務時間為星期一至星期六 早上9:00至晚上9:00


運輸服務時間為星期一至星期日 早上9:00至晚上9:00


如需要安排其他時間運送, 請聯絡我們 5970 4316


I have multiple items stored with you. Can I retrieve a single item? / 我儲存有不同的物品在你們倉庫, 可否要求只收送其中一件?


We will gladly return a single item to you.

We will not however open a box to retrieve a single item.  If you have stored a box or bag with us - we will return the entire box to you.

If you have stored a single surfboard with us as well as a box - we can return the surfboard to you on its own.

無問題, 我們樂意收送客戶指定的一件物品

例如客戶在倉庫儲存一塊滑浪板和一個紙箱, 可以選擇只收送滑浪板

請留意因保安理由, 我們只能收送完整的一個儲物袋或紙箱, 不會打開客戶的儲物袋或紙箱只抽取其中一件物品收送

I am storing my bike with you. Can you deliver it to me at a park? / 我儲存有一台單車, 可否選擇收送其他地點 如指定的公園?

Yes we can.  However we do require more time to plan such a delivery, and you will be required to show your HK Identity card before we can release the items to you at any place other than your registered home address.


可以安排, 但需要多一些時期安排運輸服務


請留意因為地並不是客戶登記的住址, 所以收送時必須出示身份證明文件核對才可以提供這樣服務


How does the pickup and delivery process work? / 可否解釋這個收送服務的程序是如何?

Very simply.  You call us and tell us that you need all or some of your items back and we will arrange to deliver them to you.

All collections (we pickup from you) are free.

All deliveries are charged at

$100 + $25 per item delivered.

Please note that we do not currently serve islands.  We will add this service shortly.

Please note that we do have a stairs policy.