I have a suitcase - what is my monthly rental?

Yes we do store suitcases!

The price does change based upon the size of the suitcase.

Small Suitcase:      $99.00
Must fit in the measurements of 56cm x 35cm x 31cm


Medium Suitcase:  $150.00
The size must be between the Small Suitcase and the Large suitcase


Large Suitcase:     $199.00
Any suitcase over 70cm x 50cm x 35cm


Please note that we do have a weight restriction for each bag.  We ask that your bag content is limited to 20KG per bag.  Should your bag weigh more than this - we will unfortunately have to charge you additional fees.

We have this policy for 2 reasons.  The first is to make sure that we protect your belongings from damage.  If we are not able to lift your bag safely - then that is when accidents will happen.

The 2nd reason is closely related to the first - we want to avoid accidents, so we need to make sure our staff can safely lift your boxes and bags.