Will you store a suitcase? / 只有一個旅行箱可以儲存嗎?

Yes we do store suitcases!

Awesome! What is the cost 

The price depends on the size of the suitcase.  We have our price guide below;

Small Suitcase:      $99.00

To be a small suitcase  - its measurements must be equal to or smaller than 56cm x 35cm x 31cm

 Medium Suitcase:  $150.00

This is a little more vague.  A medium suitcase will be larger than a Small suitcase and smaller than a Large suitcase.

 Large Suitcase:     $199.00

A large suitcase is any suitcase over equal to or over the size of 70cm x 50cm x 35cm.

Great! Is there a weight limit?

Yes there is.

We are only human, and we do have to protect our staff from injury, so we have implemented a weight policy on boxes and suitcases. 

We ask that your bag content is limited to 20KG per bag.  Should your bag weigh more than this - we will unfortunately have to charge you additional fees.

So why do you have this policy?

Well, for 2 reasons.  The first is to make sure that we protect your belongings from damage.  If we are not able to lift your bag safely - then that is when accidents will happen.

The 2nd reason is closely related to the first - we want to avoid accidents, so we need to make sure our staff can safely lift your boxes and bags.




旅行箱的尺寸(長x闊x高) 56cm x 36cm x 31cm或以下, 重量不超過20kg




每個旅行箱只收取 $99儲存費