How do you make sure my items are kept seperate from everybody else's? / 怎樣清楚辨別我儲存的物品, 和其他客戶的物品?

Every item or box is tagged with

a) A unique security seal number

b) A unique identification tag with serial number.

Both of these items serial numbers are recorded in our database.  We also take a picture of all items stored and store against

1) Your account number and each of the serial numbers described above..

This provides us with a triple redundancy against getting any items mixed up.



鎖上密碼封條; 和





同時我們會為每件物品拍照作為記錄, 連同以上的密碼, 順序號碼會記錄在你賬戶資料庫內, 系統三重資料核對