How do I get access to my security locker? / 可否進出倉庫處理儲存的物品?

Go N Live is redefining how storage is done in Hong Kong.  We don't provide individual lockers for our customers.  Instead we store by the item. This allows the price we charge our customers to be much lower than our competitors, but it also means that you do not have your own locker.

To make up for it - Go N Live pickup and deliver your items for you - so you will never have to visit a storage facility again.


GO N LIVE 給香港迷你倉儲存服務下新定義

有別於其他迷你倉計算一個空間作為收費, Go N Live只計算每件儲存的物品

大大減低租金支出, 而不會浪費儲存空間



為此, 客戶只需一個電話預約, Go N Live 職員會把儲存物品直接收送取府上,不用親身到迷你倉搬來搬去