Valet Document Storage By The Box

HK$28 / per box / per month

Do You Have Too Many Documents?

Would you like more space in the office?


Go 'N' Live makes it easy to move and store your business records offsite. You pack your records in the supplied document boxes, we pick them up and transport them to our secure facility—when you need them back, we return them. It's that easy!

Our customer inventory system allows you to record and track every document that you store with us, making it easy to retrieve what you need, when you need it.


At GNL we understand that managing your documents and record archives can be a costly time intensive process.  The additional storage space that is required can be better served for your operational needs rather than your archival storage needs.  For these reasons we offer you a Simple Document Storage solution that is both secure and easy.

A summary of our Document Storage services:

  • We collect your documents, cartons, files or electronic media and transport them securely,

  • We then securely store your records, until you next need access to them,

  • Your documents are secured, with strict access control, allowing only our vetted staff members access,

  • To make tracking easy, each document carton is given its own unique reference label, which you and then use to track within our online app,

  • You can request access to a record via our online system 24/7

  • Your documents will be returned to you within 24 hours of your request

  • Should you need to dispose of your records, we can shred, recycle or destroy the items upon request


Why store your documents with Go 'N' Live?

  • Meet the government minimum document storage requirements with ease.

  • Enables Documents Never To Get Lost

  • Frees Up Valuable Office Space

  • Improves Document Management

  • Improves Document Security

  • Provides Retrieval Efficiency

  • Fosters Workplace Professionalism

  • Temperature and Humidity controlled storage environments 

  • 24 Hour CCTV Monitoring

Document Storage Special Terms

(-) 3 Box Minimum
(-) Box weight limited to 10KG
(If a box is over 10KG, then you will be asked to spread the weight across additional boxes)
(-) Insurance is not available on this product offering
(-) Next day Document Box Retrieval is a $100 + $25 per box retrieved
(-) Same day retrieval surcharge $500