Your Convenient Hong Kong Storage Service

Are you planning on moving home, or simply want to clear out items you don’t use all of the time? Here at Go N Live, we know how quickly items can accumulate in the home or office, and how frustrating clutter can be. That is why we deliver a self storage service alternative that is convenient and secure. Whether it is storing fitness equipment, suitcases, some of the children’s toys or even work files, our convenient and affordable solutions are the perfect choice.

Unlike some other self storage service providers, we do not require our customers to deliver their items or come to collect them once they need them returned. We pride ourselves on offering comprehensive Hong Kong storage that picks up your items from your location, stores them, and then delivers them back at a time that suits you.

Location and Service Area

Our storage facility is located in To Kwa Wan, Hong Kong.

We store items for customers living throughout Hong Kong.

We want to cater for everybody in Hong Kong, at the moment however - we are unable to cater to outlying islands.



Security is of paramount importance to us.

Our facility is secure and is monitored 24x7.

If you make use of our standard boxes to pack your items yourself, your storage will be locked with a unique seal before leaving your premises, offering you additional peace of mind.

Our warehouse is NOT open to the general public.  Only our staff have access to the storage area - increasing the security of our facilities.

Environment Control

Our facilities are equipped with air conditioning and humidity control.  Throughout the year the temperature is maintained at a comfortable level.

If you would like to learn more about how our solutions differ from a traditional Hong Kong self storage service, or would like to organise a pickup, please get in touch with us today.

Go N Live will store your bicycle
We will store your individual items, and remove the clutter in your home.